Welcome to my Menagerie!

***PLEASE READ*********************

I am no longer breeding rats as my colony tested positive for rat bite fever. I may start up again in the future, I may not. I am devastated by this news 😢. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me in the last 6 years.

My page will now be focused on other exotics. I will have isopods, dubia roaches, and African soft furs available in the near future. I am also getting into crested geckos, so stay tuned if you are into this kind of thing!


All pricing and availability dates are with each photo. I am located in Westminster, MD.

Due to so many no shows and broken promises, I can only hold an animal with payment in advance by PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, or cash. Payment is non-refundable unless something happens to your animal before pick up. (For insects/isopods, you can pay cash upon pick up- there is no need to place a hold.)

When payment is made to hold the animal and a pick up date is arranged, I will only hold the animal 24 hrs after the pick up date. If I do not hear from you I will post the animal back up for sale. I can hold an animal for up to one week. After that, I charge a $1.50 boarding fee per day, per animal that can be paid upon pick up.

I offer a refund policy if your animal is showing any health concerns within 48 hours after you take it home. Pictures and vet records will be required if applicable.

If you need to rehome any animal that you have gotten from me, I will gladly take them back- no judgement, no questions asked! Life happens, and I am understanding of that.