“I’ll go ahead and give you a stellar review. You assisted me in providing a younger brother for my rat Crixus. You were efficient, prompt with responses, and the animal I purchased from you is healthy and growing quickly. You’re an excellent lady to do business with and I’ve even recommended you to a few of my acquaintances”





“I bought 4 rat pups on PayPal from this breeder, and let me tell you, this is the most honest, caring rat breeder I’ve ever seen! Never ripped me off at all (I understand there is a big fear of that- you can trust this breeder) and when I got the rats she waited outside and let me know what type of diet they had. Any questions I had she answered; before, during, and after the transaction! The rats are very well socialized and I couldn’t be happier. 5 out of 5 stars! I’d recommend to anyone looking for great new additions to their families.”


“In less than 24 hours this rabbit has brought so much joy into our lives! He is sooooo energetic and jumps and runs all over the place. We have a teacup Yorkie and Fuzz is obsessed with him! He just follows and chases him everywhere!!! Too funny! I just wanted you to know he is loved” FB_IMG_1492572546054


“I have to let you know, that this little precious thing that I got from you is more of a blessing in my life than you can ever know. I am so in love! My sister rode with me to get her and was overwhelmed by the cuteness! Sadly, my sister had a medical emergency the very next day and on Friday, she peacefully passed away. She knew how much I loved Lulu, my other hairless dumbo and when I located you and find out you had an available baby my sister said “You need this little rat.” I knew she meant it would help me find a smile or two again after she died. We didn’t expect it to be quite so soon though. I am so happy I got her Sunday and my sister was able to meet her and hold her.”Screenshot_20170419-003416.png


“We are thrilled about the two babies we got today! They are both very tame and I can tell they have been handled a lot. Thank you for holding them for me and this being my first experience with PayPal, I’m glad it was a good one!”Screenshot_20170419-002452


“We are so happy and instantly fell in love thank you again. We will definatley be back! And I recommend to any of my rattie loving friends to adopt from this breeder. These girls have such good little attitudes, so sweet and already climbing all over us!”